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Note: The testimonials are the words of the parents using the sytem, but we have changed the children's names.


Worth every cent

Some exciting news!!!! I'm in tears writing this. Izaac is spelling the level 4 words perfectly, no errors. He is pronouncing words with more ease. His reading is amazing. I'm so very proud of him and excited and more.... I just had to share this. This program is truly worth every cent, time and effort. - Shiralee, Bairnsdale Vic, 2016

The greatest gift I will give him

John is doing so incredibly well with [Barton]. He is finally 'learning' and starting to realise for himself that he is a very smart boy. I could not be doing a more rewarding thing, and I believe this is the greatest gift I will give him... It is so great to see him getting the feel goods from actually learning something, rather than just having to employ defence mechanisms to detract from his struggles. I know he feels it too. - Liz, Rosewood, Qld, 2015

After the Christmas break...

We started back doing the Barton System this week. I am amazed!! I have given Thomas the Post Test at the end of Level 2 to ascertain which areas will need revision. Thomas blitzed it! And confidently too! It was like we had finished on Friday afternoon and started again on Monday. Never has that happened before! In the past (before Barton) after any holidays it felt like we were back at square one. - Jo, Tamworth NSW, 2015

... asked if he could write a story. This is unheard of!

Our 13 year old son has always struggled to read and write due to his dyslexia. We have worked hard to make progress and lessen the impact of difficulties he faces. Home educating means we can prioritize our school day according to what needs the most attention. At times we have seen a improvements and at others feel as if we're not making much headway.

About six months ago we were introduced to the Barton system. As we progressed through the levels I have seen slow but consistent improvements. John's reading was and still is  better than his spelling and writing, however those are the areas that we have seen consistently improve. The instruction DVD's are clear and easy to follow for parents with step by step instructions including extra tips for particular difficulties.

For us, we feel Barton is a tool which allows us to progress at a steady rate,being confident we aren't missing out on anything or leaving gaps. The spelling rules we learn help John to make 'sense' of tricky words and takes away the mystery surrounding spelling, writing and reading.

Recently, for the very first time, John asked if he could write a story. This is unheard of and is an indication that what has been so difficult for him in the past, writing, is becoming easier. We are very encouraged to see his progress and I would strongly recommend Barton. - Olga, Sunbury Vic, 2015

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