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Parent Training videos and articles are for families of Accelerate Christian Home Schooling (formely SouthEast Home Education).

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Some procedures shown are specific to Accelerate Christian Home Schooling (SouthEast Home Education), supplementing what is in the Parent Training Kit.


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Getting Started

Learner Parent Training Kit (M)
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The PACE Cycle

 NewPACE Issuing a New PACE (M)
 Goal Setting Goals (M)

Assessment #1 - Mastery


Assessment #2 - Checks (M)


Assessment #3 - Tests (M)

 Speed Accelerating through a PACE (M)
 books Basic Literature 7, 8 & 9 (M)
 Calculator Article: Can my child use a calculator? (M)
clock Article: Should I use a timetable?
 Timetable Article: How many subjects each day? (M)


 StockManagement  Stock Management (M)
 WebstoreCart Ordering from the SCEE Webstore (M)
Percent Submitting Test Results
 Hand Submitting Attendance Records





The following videos have worksheets to help with your understanding:

Issue a New PACE
Setting Goals
Mastery Learning
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
Stock Management
SubmittingTest Results

Click here to download the worksheets and score key.

Submit a full set of completed worksheets to receive a SouthEast Home Education Training Certificate.