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Homeschooling families do not need to report their children's attendance to SouthEast Home Education.

If you would like to send us your children's attendance records, they will be shown on your semester records ("reports"). This will assist you in presenting your children's schooling activities at inspection.

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Attendance Charts

For your own records, there are printable attendance charts on the right of this page.

What to record

Days present
Any day where the student does school work, whether PACE work, any other programmed or spontaneous educational activity. Include excursions, social interaction days and family days. Any "school day" (not holiday) where the child is not sick is a day present.

Any outing with an educational component. This does not have to be programmed. Remember that excursions can take many forms and fulfill many educational outcomes or goals, including life skills and socialization. Include these in your total number of days present. It is not required that you record these, of course, and they will not appear in the semester report.

Any sickness that prevents the student from doing normal work.

Holidays might not necessarily coincide with school holiday times. It may be that homeschooled students work during normal school holidays; on the other hand, homeschool families may take advantage of the school term to take their holidays in less busy, more economical circumstances.

If you take public holidays, record these also as holidays. These are not part of the Total School Days.

Be aware of the expectation of about 40 weeks, or 200 days, of schooling through the year.

Total school days
The total school days should be the sum of Days Present and Sick days.