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Is your child having difficulty with reading and spelling, but is otherwise bright and capable of learning?

Watch this video!

"Some exciting news!!!! I'm in tears writing this. Izaac is spelling the level 4 words perfectly, no errors.
He is pronouncing words with more ease; his reading is amazing.
I'm so very proud of him and excited and more...
This program is truly worth every cent, time and effort." - Shiralee, Bairnsdale Victoria (2016)

"[Our son] is finally 'learning' and starting to realise for himself that he is a very smart boy... I believe this is the greatest gift I will give him." - Liz, Rosewood Qld (2015)

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About the Barton Reading & Spelling System



 Barton Reading and Spelling kits can be used in conjunction with selected A.C.E. resources.

Kits are available for loan only to Accelerate Christian Homeschooling members.