Start-up fee:

There will be a one-off start-up fee of $100 for new family enrolments. This is to cover administration and programme assistance. This amount is non-refundable.

Parent Training:

All parents who have not completed the Home Educator's Training Manual and the Wisdom PACE will need to complete these, as well as viewing our Parent Training videos.

The cost for the Parent Training package is $50 plus postage.

Diagnostic Testing:

$60 per child where applicable. This includes tests and analysis. Postage is extra.

Please contact us for a firm quote according to your individual requirements. Postage will vary, and will depend upon how many tests are required and if Parent Training is needed also.

Fee Discounts

If you are facing financial hardship but are keen to homeschool using A.C.E, please contact us to discuss options.


Our fees cover administration, tuition (where applicable), training, graduation certificate pathway registration and general support. Materials are extra as shown below.

No matter how many children you enrol with us, we offer full service to all families for one price. This rate will vary according to your payment option choice.

1 year (4 terms up front payment): $600
3 terms up front payment: $460
2 terms up front payment: $310
1 term: $160

Month*: Twelve payments of $60

* Only if paid by automatic monthly EFT

Approximate cost for materials per child per term:

3 PACEs plus 1 score key per subject
@ 5-6 subjects @ $5.45 per PACE =  approx  $150

Literature books:
Literature book: 1½  @ $15 (average) =    $22.50

Postage:                                              $18 (approx)

Note: Occasional stationery may be required.

Graduation certificates cost $60 and come complete in display folder. 

Refunds on withdrawal:

Should you wish to withdraw your child, fees will be refunded at $150 for each whole term for which you have paid in advance.

We cannot offer a refund for the start-up fee, parent training or diagnostic testing.