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New SCEE Catalogue

Catalogues may be ordered from SCEE for $5 +GST.
You can also download the pdf version of the catalogue here.

Certificate Requirements

Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates are available from SCEE (for an A.C.E. certificate).

SCEE Certificate Requirement forms

Year 10
Year 12 General    Academic

Goal Cards - to download and print


Attendance Charts

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

Student Progress Report - Personal Progress

For parents who wish to have a personal report to accompany the Student Progress Report that we send.

Students and parents both fill in this report.

Click here to download the Personal Progress sheet.

This report of the the child's personal and social progress provides a joint evaluation by the supervising parent and their child after a working period of one semester.

We recommend that the child first self-assess in the areas indicated. The supervising parent may then assess the child, and compare the assessments.

Non-A.C.E. subjects

To apply to SCEE for credit for a non-A.C.E. secondary subject, click here to download their form. Please contact us for assistance with filling this in.

Literature Book list

Literature books and their corresponding PACE numbers. Click here for the list.

Senior Maths - corrections

This document will be updated as new corrections are reported.

For members only - Senior Maths Corrections 

Significant Figures - Solving problems in senior Science PACEs

The use of Significant Figures is taught in Physical Science 1109. Some students, however, have found some issues with using significant figures in other senior Science PACEs. This document repeats the rules for using significant figures and looks at some example issues.

For members only -   Using Significant Figures in Senior Science PACEs

English 1107 Alternative Activites

On Page 2 of the 2014 edition of English PACE 1107, three resource books are mentioned: Twice Freed; C.T. Studd; and Mary Slessor, Missionary to Calabar. The first resource, Twice Freed, is an excellent book, and there are several activities in the PACE that relate to it. The other two, although also excellent books, are not directly used except for one activity on page 13.

If you do not have these two resource books, you can (if you are logged in) download good substitutes activities to replace questions (7) through to (10) on page 13.

Grammar Help Sheet

This may help with basic grammar:
8 steps to Simple Sentence Patterning