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Science to Year 12

"Science" PACEs span from 1001 in Grade 1 or Level 1, through to 1084 in Grade 7 or Level 7. The next level, from 1085 to 1096 ("Earth Science"), can be considered as Grade 8 or Grade 9: it is the first level credited towards the Year 10 Certificate.

Grades 1 to 8 are often referred to as Stages 1 to 4 (two grades per stage). Year 9 and 10 therefore are referred to as Stage 5, and Year 11 and 12 are referred to as Stage 6. Stages 5 and 6 each finish with a grauduation certificate (Year 10 and Year 12). After Earth Science, students can choose from a number of science subjects for Stages 5 and 6, as the following schematic shows. Note: There may be other considerations. Check with us before committing to a pathway.


Available from SouthEast Home Education - Science Projects Stages 1 to 5 (years 1 to 10) –

Supplementary investigations based on scope and sequence for each year level. Lists goals and explains and teaches project elements (Hypothesis, variables etc); presents 3 or 4 project suggestions per year level; provides Marking Guide (Assessment Rubric).

Projects are eight (8) pages each and are available only to members. Click here to request a copy.