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The A.C.E. Educational Resources

A.C.E. resources combine mastery learning with solid Christian-based teaching, covering the following learning areas:


Other elective subjects include health, nutrition science, public speaking, music, and auto mechanics short courses. 

Click here to see sample pages. (pdf document)

Families may choose to use other resources, particularly for other learning areas (for example languages, music, PDHPE and so on). These can be incorporated into the children's programmes.

What is Mastery Learning?

Click to see a short You Tube video about mastery learning and A.C.E. (This is part of our training video programme).

Diagnostic Testing

When starting with A.C.E, students may need to be tested first to see where they should begin. We can arrange to have diagnostic tests sent to you. We will analyse the results and prepare a programme that best suits your children. The 'pencil-and-paper' diagnostic tests are a great tool to help us determine your children's strengths and weaknesses.

If you would like to try an online diagnostic test as a first approximation, go to this link. Please understand however that the presented results are not as informative as the 'pen-and-paper' tests.

Testimonials - A.C.E.

Can A.C.E. help students to get where they want to go? There is a myth that you need a school certificate to succeed in life, and that A.C.E. is American, out of date and out of touch. This is not the experience of students who use it today.

Read what some students and parents have to say about A.C.E!