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Some Non-A.C.E. Subjects are recognised by SCEE as useful additions to your homeschooling programme.

SCEE includes some non-A.C.E. subjects in its catalogue. Secondary subjects may even be awarded credits for the graduation certificates.

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Choose Art

Choose Art is a primary art programme for levels 1 to 5. It is Bible-based and was developed by a supervisor experienced in the A.C.E. program.

See p32 of the Product Catalog. More details at, which also explains how it applies to homeschool situations as well as showing samples, scopes and sequences etc.

Rosetta Stone language course

This powerful language course is an online/CD based course for all ages.

See their website for details on how it works.

Rosetta Stone is available to SCEE customers at a discount rate for a one year license. Contact us for details on how to subscribe.

Music and Performing Arts Examinations

Certificates attained at Grade 2 or above may be awarded credits for Year 10/12.

TAFE Certificate Courses

Students who complete TAFE Courses may apply for credit. Each course will be considered on its merits.