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SouthEast Home Education


Greg and April Simon are both qualified teachers. Greg has taught secondary maths and science since 1980, while April is qualified in primary teaching.

Better than that, however, they are qualified and very experienced homeschoolers with A.C.E., and the A.C.E. resource is the 'teacher'. With our help and guidance, you become the qualified A.C.E. supervisor, and that is all that is needed to educate your children, apart from your love and a bit of imagination!

No teacher training course trains teachers to use the A.C.E. mastery resources. In fact, "qualified teachers" have some significant limitations. Here are a few:

Qualified teachers are taught to work in a classroom environment, with many students, which is certainly not the homeschooling model.

Qualified teachers are taught to write complicated programmes to satisfy the state authorities, and express activities in teacher jargon that most people can’t understand. We at SEHE have done that job for you, so that your job is simply to interact with your children.

Qualified teachers are taught in a specialized subject area and level, leaving them ill-equipped to work in other areas. A.C.E. workbooks do all of the teaching, and have all of the teaching methods built into them, so all that is needed is a “Qualified Supervisor” – and that is what we make you.