formerly known as
SouthEast Home Education


Because A.C.E. is, we believe, the best supported resource in the South Pacific.

History and Geography units have been “nationalized” – that is, replacing American history and geography with Australian, NZ or other local history and geography. Maths units use metric measure and local currency.

The distributors are in Queensland, and they do so much more than distribute the materials. Among other things, they provide nationally recognized graduation certificates at Year 10 and Year 12 levels, and run student conventions for participants across the South Pacific.

Because A.C.E. does the teaching for you.

A.C.E. workbooks are more than just text books. They have built in checks and balances to ensure mastery in every subject.

In fact, parents need to be properly trained in the procedures and methodology, and that’s what our job is. Not only do we send you training materials from A.C.E., but we make available training tools to help you become the qualified supervisor of your child, and of course we are always available to give you personal help when you need it.

Because A.C.E. is built on the foundations of Christian principles.

A.C.E. resources teach from a Christian worldview and include Christian content in all subject areas. This promotes the development of mature, Christian character in students such as honesty, selflessness and diligence.

Because the A.C.E. system is all about mastery learning.

When the system is applied properly, students master the learning. They are assessed according to their achievement, not according to where they fit into a group. This video discusses Mastery Learning in A.C.E.