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As educators ourselves, we know that the A.C.E. resources meet and exceed the most of the expectations of the Australian Curriculum content.


A.C.E. resources differ in the sequence of learning for the Australian Curriulum (AC) year-specific content.


1. The Australian Curriulum content specifies that a student should learn to skip count (count by 2, 3, 5, etc) by end of Year 1. The A.C.E. Math sequence is focused on the mastery of basic numeracy skills in Year 1 and consequently introduces skip counting in the first term of Year 2 equivalent resources.

2. The Australian Curriulum content specifies that a student should learn about contractions and the use of apostrophes to signal contractions by the end of Year 3. The A.C.E. English resources introduce this concept in the Year 2 equivalent resources and then continue to revise the concept from the Year 3 resources. 


SouthEast Home Education and SCEE do not claim that A.C.E. resources alone will cover all AC or state requirements.

We recommend a broader programme including various other activities, such as sports, practical science, the arts and languages. 

Most homeschools are already involved in many activities they might not realize at first are in fact educational in nature.

We can help you to identify such areas so you can prepare a comprehensive programme to meet AC expectations, but more importantly to nurture you child to his/her full potential.



At present, only the NT legislates that homeschool programmes strictly adhere to the Australian curriculum requirements.

Qld, SA, Tas, WA and ACT expect homeschool programmes to align to the Australian Curriculum framework.

NSW requires homeschool programmes to align with NESA outcomes across each stage 1-5 (Grades K-10)

All states permit your own choice of resources, with an indication of your plans year by year.


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