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Hundreds of A.C.E. graduates have gone to university to do Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Music, and other courses of their choice. Do not believe the myth that school-based certificates are the only way to enter university.

  • Many students obtain an ATAR by doing a SAT exam.
  • Other students may do the Australian STAT exam.
  • Other students apply directly to the university and have an interview.

Universities routinely accept students who have not attained the state Year 12 certificate, including international and homeschooled students. You should contact the university to see what their requirements are.

  • Important: Homeschoolers should apply as "alternative entry" applicants, even with an A.C.E. certificate.

Here are some SouthEast Home Education graduates who completed a Year 12 A.C.E. certificate and were able to enter a university course. This is not an exhaustive list.

Heather W (2012) -  Bachelor of Science (Biogenetics) with Open University.

Emily V - Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography) at University of Newcastle.

Therese B (2011) - Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science at Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga). Note: Therese applied through UAC with just her A.C.E. Year 12 results.

Lucy B (2016) - Bachelor of Liberal Arts at Campion College, with option to co continue on to para-medicine or medicine in the future.

Alisha M - Bachelor of Edcucation at LaTrobe University, Bendigo.

Jonathan K - Bachelor of Commerce at University of New South Wales.

Gregory K (2014) - Bachelor of Advanced Science at University of New South Wales (Commencing honours-level research in pure mathematics)

Stephen O (2010)- Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics at University of New South Wales

Timothy O (2014) - Bachelor of Law/Economics at Newcastle University


Some A.C.E. students prior to SEHE (there are hundreds more)

Jonathan H - Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt Univiersity Wagga Campus (now qualified Vet)

Daniel S - Bachelor of Economics/Laws at Univiersty of New England 


There are many pathways into University, and there is no "one-size-fits-all."

We would be happy to discuss options with you.

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