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Each state and territory has its own laws regarding registration for home schooling. We can help with the registration process for most states and territories. Some require documentation to show planned programmes and progress in subsequent years, which we can assist with. *

Most states require registration for children between the ages of 6 and 17 years.

See some of our families' Registration Experiences, under Testimonies.

SouthEast Home Education does not require that you are registered to receive our support services, however membership with us alone does not cover the legal requirements of each state.

This page has information about each state.

Please contact us to discuss your situation.

In NSW, NESA (formerly known as BoSTES) requires documentation showing how its own state outcomes are being covered by the homeschool program. To help families when they apply for registration NSW, we have produced documentation for the main Key Learning Areas that match A.C.E. work with the appropriate outcomes, and offer suggestions and advice in KLAs that are not covered by A.C.E.

For families in Qld, SA, Tas, NT, ACT, and WA, we have step by step instructions on how to produce a homeschool program showing how you will cover the Australian Curriculum requirements, using A.C.E. and your additional activities.

Victoria does not require documentation at this time but the VRQA has expectations that the homeschool program with comply with VELS.

* Disclaimer:

Although we have assisted hundred of families to successfully register, in all the different states, the ultimate responsibility for registration rests with each family.

SouthEast Home Education cannot guarantee successful registration, though can report that none of our member families have been denied registration by their state homeschool department, when they  have followed our guidelines.