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SouthEast Home Education


SouthEast Home Education provides support for ACE.

Diagnostic testing; Training; Tuition; Registration assistance

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"The children are enjoying A.C.E. very much so far, particularly Samuel, who is doing extra work every day 'for fun'! 

Gloria is also churning through the PACE work at great speed! 

We are all feeling blessed by the Scriptures and Christian content” 

Emma, Qld, Oct 2017


" Thank you so much to yourselves and all the staff involved at SEHE for taking the stress out of preparing for what would have otherwise proven quite a daunting process. You have helped our family achieve something we were so worried would not be possible, and even [our daughter] was so happy when the assessor said he was going to approve us. We look so forward to working with you through the futures of all our children!" Adam and Naomi, NSW, June 2017

"All in all the background they have received from having the Bible applied to their lives in a practical way through their schooling has given them more opportunities to serve the Lord!  I am so thankful for the input of A.C.E. in our children’s lives." Shelley, ACT, June 2016


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Product Disclosure Statement

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